Going LIVE starts a livestream that can be viewed at your profile page. You can also initiate a livestream by calling yourself using any SIP client or via RTMP using streaming software like OBS or Ecamm.

Web https://vida.live/
SIP sip:@vida.live
RTMP rtmp://vida.live/live
Stream Key -
Initiate Livestream

@leinert is LIVE

Tap to Watch @leinert's Stream

1000 Sats / Minute

$0.000 USD / Minute

Call @leinert

1000 Sats / Minute

$0.000 USD / Minute

It can take a few seconds for encrypted video to connect.

@leinert can hear you.

WebRTC Calling Is Not Supported In Your Browser

Please Try Chrome or Firefox

The user didn't answer.

Problem accessing your mic or webcam. Check your media permissions and try again.

Before Calling, You Must Activate Your Account By Adding To Your Balance

Paid Message Show Viewers
Start a conversation with leinert for 100 Sats per message.

Conversations are automatically closed and ERASED after 1 month of inactivity.

leinert can respond to you for free, without paying your rate, until the conversation is closed.
sats / msg



Call: 1000

Msg: 100

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