Going LIVE starts a livestream that can be viewed at your profile page. You can also initiate a livestream by calling yourself using any SIP client or via RTMP using streaming software like OBS or Ecamm.

Web https://vida.live/
SIP sip:@vida.live
RTMP rtmp://vida.live/live
Stream Key -
Initiate Livestream

VIDA is a network of individuals that value their time and attention.

  • Offer a high signal way for anyone to get in touch.
  • No one can contact you unless they pay your rate.
  • You are guaranteed to be paid live, in real-time.
  • Supported on iOS, Android, and the Web.
  • Powered by itcoin's Lightning network.
  • Video, audio, message, and live stream.
  • USD support via CashApp or Strike.

Time is the most valuable asset we have.

VIDA treats your time as valuable by default. If you’re getting contacted too much, just increase your rate until you’re satisfied. Let the market solve your spam problems and get paid for your scarce time.

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